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How do you describe the Miami Herald Media Companyís audience? Big. Really big.

Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald deliver a LARGER audience in print and online than any other Florida newspaper.  One and half million South Florida adults that read our print publications in a past week and have accessed our online products in the past 30 days. We’re talking 50% of our core market. No other local media organization even comes close.
Core market includes Miami-Dade, South Broward and Monroe counties. This area represents 78% of the total DMA population.

Print products

Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald newspapers reach over 900,000 adults in the market on a given Sunday. To put it into perspective, that’s more adults than watch the World Series (800,000), Sabado Gigante (250,000) or Dancing with the Stars (170,000).

Online products and are among the top two most visited local media websites in South Florida, with over half a million local monthly visitors.


MHMC Net Combined Print & Online Audience Profile

Median age 47.7
College graduate + 28%
Professional / service occupation 53%
Avg. household income $71,600
Married 49%
Homeowner 60%
White non-Hispanic 25%
Black non-Hispanic / Other 15%
Hispanics 57%

Miami-Ft. Lauderdale DMA
Source: Scarborough Rel. 1 2013

More audience and reach information 

English Product Demographics

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Spanish Product Demographics

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