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Direct Marketing

Herald Direct provides integrated, comprehensive direct mail services ranging from design and data management to production and delivery. Through our consultative approach, we help clients develop the right program to achieve optimum sales results. Herald Directís distribution channels allow you to insert into our newspapers; insert into our non-subscriber product, Miami Herald Values; and utilize solo mail, Email marketing and SMS text marketing.

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In the Mail

A successful direct mail campaign demands the perfect combination of a well-planned strategy, a strong marketing offer, a targeted database and flawless execution. Herald Direct has the experience and resources to help you craft and implement a direct mail program that meets your marketing and sales objectives.


Herald Notes

Maximize awareness by advertising in an exclusive premium position that just canít be missed Ė on the front page of the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and select section fronts. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and die-cuts to increase your companyís visibility and consumer response. Herald Notes are available any day of the week for total distribution or zoned advertising.


Herald Bags

When subscribers open their door to discover your polybag wrapped around the newspaper, you'll have their full attention. Impactful and colorful, polybags are a great way to announce a special event, upcoming sale or new store opening; deliver samples; or build awareness in the market. And with additional same-day advertising within the Miami Herald or el Nuevo Herald, you can generate an even greater response. Whatís more, polybags can either be supplied by you or printed by us for your convenience.


Data and Analysis

At Herald Direct, we aim to help you understand your customers better and optimize marketing results. With access to South Florida's largest consumer and business marketing database, as well as the most comprehensive database of Hispanics in South Florida, we can narrow searches by hundreds of demographic, geographic and psychographic criteria. We can also target your most receptive audience with accurate, actionable data for the best response.


Miami Herald Values (Shared Mail)

Miami Herald Values, our Shared Mail program, is an advertising arm of the newspaper that features display ads on the wrap and inserts inside. It is a full market saturation direct mail vehicle that reaches most of the households in South Florida, with an advertising base that includes grocery stores, retailers and service companies. Itís a cost-effective medium that enables you to target pharmacies the demographic groups and specific household areas you need to reach.

Miami Herald Values is delivered by mail and newspaper carriers to non-subscribers later in the week (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday), and distributed in paper on Thursdays. Total circulation exceeds 800,000 households, as audited by Verified Audit Circulation.


Print and Deliver Solutions

Looking for convenient, turnkey marketing options? Custom printing, insertion and distribution services save time and money. Choose from offset, gloss and newsprint in a full array of colors, including full-color process. Formats range from a single sheet to a full-color tabloid or broadsheet. With more than 100 years of printing experience, we can help you make the best choice for your business.

Custom distribution allows you to insert directly into our newspapers, insert into our non-subscriber product, Miami Herald Values, our YES! (Sunday Select Product), or take advantage of solo mail to specific addresses.

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Co-Op and Vendor Support Programs

Co-op advertising offers businesses the ability to extend their marketing budget through the use of additional funds from manufacturers or distributors for print and online advertising and promotions. The Miami Herald will help you put together a marketing plan that utilizes co-op funds to your advantage including creating the ad specs that will meet the manufacturersí requirements. We simplify the paperwork for your reimbursement claiming purposes.

Vendor Support Programs allow your key vendors, in association with The Miami Herald, to financially support the print publication of a custom program designed to promote of your business or event. The Miami Herald will work with you to plan and execute a program that will provide you maximum exposure by targeting a specific market area or saturating the market through in-paper, direct mail and online advertising.


Email Marketing

Whether you want to target a business executive in Broward County or a consumer in Colombia, Herald Direct can help you reach your market via email marketing. With a huge database of opt-in email addresses, plus a wealth of demographic, psychographic and lifestyle criteria, you can advertise with pinpoint accuracy, both quickly and cost-effectively.


Sunday Select- Yes! (Your Essential Shopper)

A weekly shopping package delivered every weekend by the Miami Herald carrier force to non-subscribers who have opted-in to receive shopping and advertising information.

A product in demand:

  • Consumers have opted to receive this package
  • Increased penetration in highly desirable ZIP codes where engaged shoppers reside
  • Delivered on the day when shoppers have the time to use the information: Saturday, Sunday
Quantity: 110,000
Frequency: Every Weekend


SMS Marketing

Text messaging (SMS) is one of the most popular features of mobile phones. With mobile marketing, you can take advantage of an advertising vehicle thatís immediate, interactive and directly targeted. This is one of the best ways to reach a young, active, tech-savvy consumer.

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