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The Miami Herald Media Company offers a wide variety of innovative options for promoting your brand in print. Our breakthrough creative, eye-catching unique shaped ads, premium fixed positions and custom publishing provide opportunities to differentiate your business and take your marketing to the next level.

Unique Shaped Ads

Whether you want greater visibility for your existing campaign, or want to develop a fully-integrated approach to print creative, the Miami Herald Media Company’s out-of-the-box unique shaped ads are the ideal solution. These ads leap off the page, making your brand stand out and driving greater consumer response.


Premium Positions

The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald offer the advantage of premium fixed position advertising for advertisers seeking even greater visibility. Positions include front-page strips, 2A and 3A ads, People & Game page ads, section front ads and more. They get your print ad front and center, every time.


Custom Publications

HCP/Aboard Publishing, the custom publishing division of The Miami Herald Media Company, produces commemorative coffee table books, program guides and other fee-based publications customized to our clients' needs. HCP/Aboard is also very skilled at conceptualizing and executing customized publications around special events ranging from the Super Bowl to Art Basel Miami.

Please visit our travel portal to learn more about HCP/Aboard's products and also how our advertisers reach an enormous online audience using the in-depth content and global reach of our web properties:

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